Another deal done!
This bike deal started when Nycole sent me a note on FB marketId been kicking the idea around of downsizing/trading. Took a ride to see Joe and Tonythe enablers of all things wonderful about motorcycle discussions. Then, i ran into old acquaintance Glenwhile having our chat and on my way through service to the toybox, I see some big ugly motorcycle I dont need whatsoever. But of course I inquireGlen and Dan took some time and we made it work logically for both parties on a trade. Dealing locally and having dealer support becomes an important factor as we progress into the hobby and/or lifestyle. Lots of choices locally, so visiting and supporting the passionate guys/gals like Joe, Tony, Glenn holding on through thick and thin tells you its enthusiast-employees that keep us coming back to events and to buy these beauties. Im happy to be a returning customer. (Employee: Tony Moses, Glen McCoy, Dan Bressman, Nycole Christensen, Joe Garcia)
Glenn Maddock
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