Great Experience
I was looking for a 2019 Ultra limited on Cycle Trader when I stumbled across one fromLoess Hills that was a unique Scorched Orange. I inquired about by sending an email. Within a hour I had a response and they wanted to come down that night and look at it. It would have been a 2.5 hour drive one way and they were willing to stay open just so I could look. I decided against going down that night but went the next day. I worked with Ryan and had some extenuating circumstances to work through. They let me take my time and were not pushy. In the end I ended up making a deal and closing down the dealership on Dec. 24th. Only, Glenn, Ryan, the Owner and one other person was left. They have been more than accommodating. I cant wait to have a nice day to ride. Thanks guys! (Employee: Ryan Hotz)
Dean Grossnickle
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